Monday, October 08, 2012

Hibernation-mode... Just for a while.

This is just for a week... (Actually started last week). Right now, I am in a training that involves infant and young child feeding - one of my advocacies :)

I am excited to get back to blogging. Till then...

xoxo, mommy kate

Monday, September 24, 2012

Taralets! Field Trip!

Last week, I joined J1's first school field trip. A week before that, I was having second-thoughts of joining him. Wala lang... I was thinking, he might not behave well pag ako kasama or baka mas okay if yaya instead of joining him. But last minute, I thought dapat nga ata ako ang kasama and as agreed by T, he is more comfortable that I accompany J1 in the trip.

There were 3 areas visited in the field trip. Keribels naman. I was excited kasi one of which was Repertory Phils. - Wizard of Oz. First time ko! Hehe!

Come that day, ayay! It was raining in the morning. Si bagyong Karen ata salarin hehe! Or habagat ulit? (Selective amnesia? hehe!) Basta. We were (almost) late. Everybody was already in the bus, 2-3 students na lang hinihintay including us. I thought we will seat at the back of the bus na but good thing there were seat assignments so medyo sa gitna kami ni J1. Dami namin dala! Kung makadala ng snacks, wagas! Haha! Feeeel na feeel ang field trip, within Manila lang naman haha! Pak! Me extra bag pa because of my breast pump. Of course, I thought of how and when to pump na so I was ready and even tweeted about it. 

First stop was Kulturang Pinoy at the Boom na Boom compound. The school wanted the students to learn about the culture and it was also an off-shoot of the Buwan ng Wika celebration. We were there early (kami ata unang group) and malapit lang school from there. We were greeted by the KP band, syempre native style. 

Children were made to dance, saya! J1 was so happy dancing. Ang ingay nga lang kasi wagas ang pagtambol and the entrance was small so kulob ang sounds. Fiestang-fiesta ang peg ng entrance. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Star City it is!

We went to the good ol' Star City (not really old... hehe!) months ago (oo nga, late post hehe! was inactive blogger, di ba?). I was excited for my kiddos, actually, ako din. The last time I went to Star City prior to this visit, I was preggo with J2 and was so inggit with  T and J1 (also with yaya) because I was not allowed in any of the rides and some of the attractions. I was a mere spectator then! (Ako pa mandin, mahilig sa mga ganyan. Hay!) I told myself, I am definitely going to come back to SC (Good thing, its only in the Metro. Next in line na Enchanted Kingdom. Yay!).

A year after that, I was given XX number of free ride-all-you-can tickets to SC! (Thank God!) Haha! Wish granted! I was sooo happy (okay, that's the child in me lol!). So off we go to SC! The Demetrio's invaded Star City together with the yayings (we already have 2, for J1 and J2). The timing was so great, no long lines/queue to rides. We were glad there were no "field trip" that time, only "small" groups like us wanting to have some SC fun!

We were at the SC early, as in kaunti pa lang tao that time. As soon as we entered SC, J1 got amused with the ducks. And for some minutes, we could not get him leave the ducks. Quack!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breastfeeding (and family pictorial) - Post-Breastfeeding Month post

So here, I am trying to "revive" my blog - and technically, I am starting with a month-old activity that my family joined in.

I am so grateful to be part of N@W yahoogroups.(This group is an off-shoot of the W@W - WeddingsAtWork yahoogroups.) This group has become my source of information of almost everything not only in marriage and parenting but also in other aspects of life. And not only that, isa siyang malaking support group. Grabe ang bonding dito, even though I don't post regularly, you still feel welcome everytime. Ang masaya pa dito, you get opportunities na you just don't get anywhere. 

When Mimma Benz posted in N@W about having breastfeeding pictures taken (part of Breastfeeding Month celebration), aba! gorabelles agad ako! All time pangarap ko is to have breastfeeding pictorial haha! Since J1's time pa - but since budget is limited, nakuntento na kami sa "piktyur-piktyuran." I even have a breastfeeding in public pictures in my Facebook, career! Now with J2, pangarap achieved! lol!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's been a while...

Yes, almost a year... I know. And yes, I'm not really religious with posting. I hope I'll be, soonest. Too much food on the plate now or maybe I have been putting off some things lately. And I'm thinking to change some things, ya know, revamp this and that. Oh well, let's see how this goes. Hope you stay guys and I hope to get more followers too!

I'm in Twitter! Follow me: @kate_demetrio

later, later!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Are you ready?

Who's with me? I am such a fan of warehouse sale. Haha!

Happening this weekend!

I am excited and ready for this! See you tomorrow!

PS. Lots of activities tomorrow - see Abbie Yabot's post here in FB.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Warning: this post is picture loaded.

Last long weekend, i got so bummed when the weather was "not at-all nice." Like everyone else, I was looking forward to it because it meant 4 days of family day! But then again, it was not at all good and we have to make out of what Mother Nature gave us for those days. On the first day of that "great" long weekend, we went to Greenbelt 5 - me, to attend the La Leche League monthly support group meeting (which I try to attend every month) and I was late because I didnt know about the change of venue teehee! - and J1 to play in Timezone (as promised by me) who ended up also playing with dear little J2 since there were not much kids playing inside the "playroom" of Timezone then, so they all went in - they owned the place technically that time haha!

I love seeing J1 play.He can be all sorts - he can be fearless but wary and careful (connect?). You know when kids play - they dont have apprehensions, they try everything (or some), they laugh like its the bestest thing in the world and they feel like the world is theirs.I hope adults can also be like that towards life but, oh well, things get different, they say.

Moving on... I am sharing with you pictures of my babies in the "playroom."

Warming up - thinking if he should try the kid-treadmill tehee!
Remember I told you he's fearless but careful haha!

Off he goes with Ate Claire

Trying to do the other way... Let's see.
He did not do it, instead he asked J2 to join him. Teehee!
And got comfortable on the slide, since no one was using it. Smart kids.